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The Characters In Order of Appearance...
Tip Mombi Jack
Tip Tryfle
~ as ~
"The Dreamy-Eyed Runaway"

Mombi Tryfle
~ as ~
"The Wicked-ish Witch"

Jack Tryfle
~ as ~
"The Sweet Little Boy"

Logan The Dragonette Dub
~ as ~
"The Love-struck Sawhorse"

The Dragonette
~ as ~
"The Young Predator"

Dub Loon
~ as ~
"The Cynical Busybody"

The Loons Jinjur Juni Jump
Bal & Panta Loon
~ as ~
"The Bureaucrats"

General Jinjur
~ as ~
"The Ambitious Revolutionary"

Juni Jump
~ as ~
"The Plucky Soldier"

Blinkie The Army of Revolt Omby Amby
~ as ~
"The Loyal Friend"

The Army of Revolt
~ as ~
"The Unruly Delinquents"

Omby Amby
~ as ~
"The Understaffed Army"

Jellia Jamb The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman Sir Dashemoff Daily
Jellia Jamb
~ as ~
"The Meddling Maid"

Scarecrow & Niccolo
~ as ~
"The Friends of Dorothy"

Dashemoff Daily
~ as ~
"Teen Poet Laureate of Oz"

The Queen of the Field Mice Hickory Gump
Eekitza M'ows
~ as ~
"The Queen of the Field Mice"

Hickory Quickory
~ as ~
"The Helpful Mouse"

The Gump
~ as ~
"The Depressed Sofa"

Dorothy Glinda mysterious silhouettes
Dorothy Gale
~ as ~
"The Lost Hero of Oz"

Glinda the Good
~ as ~
"The Witch of the South"

The Mystery Players
~ as ~
"The Lovers"

A picture of just one Wogglebug
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